Re: visiting south island mid november


thanks very much for the response mate, yer were landing in christchurch then i had the intentions of kaikoura, blenheim, picton, nelson, id like to check out abel tasman national park then greymouth and head down the coast to wanaka, queenstown, invercargill, up to dunedin then back up to christchurch. Its gonna be alot of driving so hopefully i can do a lot in one day then relax for 2 sort of thing. Im interested in the northern part for fishing so ill try spend a bit of time up there, should be a good trip anyways. Your right ups a big help so ill pick some places you said to go. What sort of fishing combo would you go for in the surf, and how do you go about bait choices? Mainly pillies or prawns? Do you read the surf for gutters? Anywhere you think is worth checking out on the holiday thats a favourite spot for sights? Ive heard theres a far few penguins and seals around. Ill do a bit more reading and see how i go, i like this website gives me a bit of insight, thanks again for ya help