Re: Vietnamese Basa (catfish)


The cocky is very cagey about who he lets into his land , and when “lambing” and tours to the seal colony ….he wants the image of a pristine untouched area of NZ to be just that , no fishermen hanging off rocks or 4wd’s parked anywhere ……he is quick to forget its all fenced with barbed wire and cows and sheep everywhere lol

I gained his trust some 10-15 yrs ago ….a time when we could catch 30 blueies each for an afternoon – they were in plague numbers …..
Trumpeter were plentiful ….patches of krill would be drifting past all tide …….

Now sadly , the trumpeter seem to be gone , blueies in sadly much more managable numbers , tho bigger specimens now present …and krill has vanished
Having the place appear on Spot-X didnt help , the boaties have hammered the place

There are still salmon hanging around the area …..and the current threw the area off the end of the point still looks like it would produce kingies if you were keen enough to climb down to the rocks at sealevel and try live baits …

Its extreme fishing , snag city ……heavy gear needed to retrieve the fish from high above the water

Some fresh young blood is needed , someone keen to make the effort to see exactly what can be caught with modern techniques …..

Drop me a line if your keen …..Weekends are also good …..its near a 2hr drive , and 10min walk …….so its a WHOLE day trip lol