Re: Using circle hooks on live-bait


Im not a huge fan of trout fishing but I am a fan of the trusty circle.You may have a hard time hooking trout with one.Im not sure what size you would plan on using but the smallest circle hook I have seen is about 3/0 and it is fairly sizable compared to a 3/0 beak or similar.
Some people get mixed up between circle,recurve/mutsu styles.Like Ive seen recurve/mutsu labelled as circles.A true circle is the tuna/longline circle design.
I reckon the reason you might have trouble hooking up with them is because circles are designed to “roll” out through the corner of the mouth or jaw and a decent bully rigged onto a small hook may hinder that rolling action in a small mouthed trout.It might be all good if the trout hits it hard and fast who knows but if you do use them you are prob best to avoid trying to set it when you get a strike because you well prob just pull it straight out.Circles set them selves,thats what they are designed to do.

A 10/0 circle doing what it supposed to –