Re: Trolling lures


What i do is use the smallest split-ring availible, clip it onto rapala aswell as the smallest swivel availible [which is the size of the ones on the “Cobra” lure]
so it gets rid of line twist and doesnt affest the action too much.

edit: i tend not to use rapalas now except maybe a couple of floating ones for very shallow water, but i use the neutral bouyancy, hard-bodied, storm lures
which come in bwon trout, rainbow and perch, I have found all to be successful [but perch only in places obviously where perch are around], better cating then rapalas, cheaper, deffinitly catch fish, what more do you want?

Oh and these also do very well in shallow water, their action isn’t as exaggerated as a rapalas, so no need to reel very fast, or go to fast in a kayak.
But if you rod cannot cast thsese light lures to well then a floating lure, clip over your thingy on ya spool, leave it on the water paddle along when its far behind you clip your spool over, then start paddling and it wont have sunk, otherwise start paddling cast out your lure and quickly resume paddling.