Re: Total Novice – Advice needed


Rock and beach fishing typically require different techniques. I am not overly familiar with the beaches around northland, from memory they are all quite shallow. These beaches typically fish best by casting into holes and gutters, how far the hole is from the beach determines the distance. Might be a few meters, might be a hundred. The beaches I am more familiar with, I often cast just behind the first breaker, maybe only 30m, but they are deeper.

Rock fishing is different, often you want to fish the white water around where the surf hits the rocks. Often burley is used to bring the fish in closer. The most common style is to Strayline from the rocks without any sinkers, or a tiny ball sinker is used when extra distance is required. Kingfish require different techniques, but the Ugly Stik gold is unlikely to stop one.

So, from the rocks 5-30m, from the beach 30-100m+ , Ideally I use a 8ft-ish rod from the rocks, and a 12ft + rod from the beach. But I think the Ugly stik might just do both, assuming the beach is not rough. In saying that, many people do like using long rods from the rocks.

Suppose, for the same budget you could purchase two budget rods, the cheap fiberglass Surfcasters are typically heavy and probably lack the backbone for extra long distance casts, unless they have manufacturing faults they are typically extremely durable. … e-surf-rod
and … -2025.html

They are probably terrible rods, but they are cheap and would catch fish.

Its hard to know which options would be the best, I have fished 10ft rods from the beach before, and a lot of people fish them from the rocks…