Re: Total Novice – Advice needed



Thank you so much for the information. As I suspected, the Surecatch box is a waste of money, I’ll not be suckered into buying one now on the basis of your advice.

As for the rod, how far can you cast with an 8′ rod, and, perhaps more importantly, how far do you need to cast from rocks, beach and piers? Here 80+ yards is a must, hence my reticence for looking at anything shorter than 10′.

I must say though, before anything else, thank you so much for taking the time to research and find the one Ugly rod and shop that I have spent hours looking for. Yes it is the one that I am likely to buy, especially as it is a budget model, which I will leave behind when I return to the UK, but seems to be a good all-rounder, unless you can convince me that I only need 8′ on a beach! :shock: Out here 100yds+ is considered a short cast!

On the reel front, I may still bring my multiplier as I’m used to it. Fixed spools (coffee grinders) don’t work well with multiplier rods here, but multipliers work fine with Fixed Spool rods as there id less friction on the guides.

Tight Lines and good catches to you