Re: Total Novice – Advice needed


In my experience kits such as the ones from Surecatch are not worth the money. They typically use poor quality tackle and often weird sizes. Sometimes it is possible to get a very good price but much of the content never gets used. Sometimes I do buy such kits just for the sinkers and maybe container then give the rest of the content away. I would probably advise to purchase a few packets of hooks, sinkers and swivels separately.

These not many surf rods designed to be used with multiplier sold here, and can not think of any off the top of my head. I use a 8ft 6-10kg something Ugly Stick Gold rod for Snapper fishing from the rocks. Its very soft, but allows me to cast out unweighted baits a good distance. Have landed a few good fish on it. Its a struggle landing rays and other big fish with it. I do not know the 10ft ugly stik which you speak of, is it this one … g_Rod.html

If so, it would probably be okay. I normally fish with 10-15kg rods when Surfcasting but I target sharks, up north I suspect you would mainly be targeting Snapper, Trevally and Kahawai so the 6-10kg rating would be fine. It seems to be a good compromise, while not ideal it should do the job from the beach, rocks or wharfs.