Re: Top Five Trout Spinners which catch fish.

shark slayer

if the edges are shallow a cd7 with no downrigger is all you would need otherwise a downrigger like you said you have is best..if you find the cd7 isnt deep enough and the down rigger is to deep then just add a small sinker a foot in front of youe lure..i have used yo zuri magnet minnows for a long time now and they are deadly..rapalas yo zuris and softbaits are all as effective as each other its just a matter of using common sense to figure wich is best to use in different situations.i personally much prefer fly fishing to spin fishing when it comes to trout these days..its much more versatile and suits a larger variety of situations better..i find nymphing to be way more productive..but when theres plenty of flow and colour i bring out the spin gear..its funny how we over think gear sometimes tho..when predatory species are around in numbers anything works..i caught heaps of perch a few weeks ago on bare jigheads..and in the dark!!! :lol: