Re: Top Five Trout Spinners which catch fish.


[b:bjt16xnr]Mepps Black Fury[/b:bjt16xnr]

[b:bjt16xnr]Rapala Countdown CD7[/b:bjt16xnr]
A mate of mine regularly fishes the middle reaches of the Waimakariri River. He spins almost exclusively with small blade spinners like the Mepps. He catches a lot of rainbows, browns, and always a few salmon each summer. He says he doesn’t loose that many of his blade spinners and regards them as a small price to pay for the good fish he catches. The Rapala Countdown CD 5 and 7 is another deadly lure that can be used to catch trout in clear water. It fishes well in different situations from being cast upstream, where it can drift down on to holding fish, cast close to weed beds in a lake, or cast out around a lake edge, or close to a stream bank. It is light and not easy to cast any distance. Trout just love them!
What a great post Miliwolf. I haven’t even tried a Yo-Zuri Mag Minnow. I had to do a Google search. They look good. I’ll get some and give them a go. Anglers often stick to tried and tested lures they have caught fish on in the past. :grin: