Re: Thresher Sharks


Some weeks ago I posted about seeing a thresher in the surf at Spencers Park …..there is no doubt about what it was , the only question is what it was feeding on …..

It was both sides of the last breaker line at low tide ….so in open water , and then inside the channel , whacking its tail on and off for the entire time we were watching it ..
It was bouncing in and out of the channel , working the wave on the outer sandbar ……I suspect it was feeding on whitebait … there were bugga all mullet around that early in the season …..

The thresher taken off the Pier was caught an hour before I got there , and the bloke was telling me about the fight , the big circling runs it went on , and how it surfaced between the surfers freaking them out lol ….
From memory , it was a still morning , very clear water , and glassy conditions