Re: Thresher Sharks


I’ll be sending out baits this season with balloons etc Have tried a couple times before off the pier, one time it went out probably 200 meters with a whole dead mullet and came back with a small schoolie on it. Another time I sent out a big dead kahawai around 5am as the sun was coming up, had a 10/0 hook in the head and another in the tail and came back bitten clean in half through the middle with both halfs still there but possibly a seven giller. I sold my Penn Senator 9/0 that I was gonna use for ballooning but I’m planning on finding another big reel for this season. I’ve got the method and gear pretty much sorted it’s just putting the time in and getting the right conditions with an offshore wind. Other people have hooked and landed blues and heard of threshers lost when sending out baits off the Pier none recently though but no one really does it.

Keen to meet up if someone else wants to try sending baits out.