Re: This Season I’m catching a Kingi!!


Anywhere deep enough to keep them from reaching the bricks.Try any of your normal haunts from december onwards and try keep live baits out all day.I reckon livies are the only way to go as far as kingis from the shore goes and hookin one is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
Ive seen them at tawero pt,hikapu reach,broughtons bay and I saw a large loner right up the grove arm cruising a stones throw from the jetty.
Ive seen people trying for them at Karaka pt but Its pretty snaggy there and ive lost more gear there than anywhere else but in saying that,I joined the 20lb snapper club there I put that down to sheer luck because after a bit of a battle the big red just happened to glide up to surface on his side and he slid right over top of the kelp and the rock ledge…I doubt a kingi would give up that easy :roll:
I planned on live baiting for them off the french pass wharf last summer but spent all my time down on the coast so hopefully this summer itll happen. 8)