Re: The Ones that got away


Casted out my 7ft mullet rod with 5/0 hooks and good sized peices of squid on hoping for a bit of fun with school sharks at the Pier and hooked something I think was a ray that I had no hope of stopping nearly spooled the small reel and snapped the 30lb line. Never again, now I only use size 10 trout hooks on that rod, any bigger and I use my other gear. Also had two massive hit and runs off the Timaru wharf on my other even smaller rod which I suspect were big salmon that I had no chance of stopping. Off the wharf at Bluff hooked up to a stingray, took two big massive runs then stopped so I thought I get some line back and as soon as I applied more pressure it ran again even further so I applied as much pressure as I could and the hook pulled, must have been hooked in the wing. Also hooked another big stingray that ran in and got wrapped around the pilon underneath the wharf, but I did get to see part of it near the end of the fight before it snapped the 60lb shockleader.