Re: The oddest bait you have caught fish on


A piece of rag soaked in fish oil.Years ago me and a couple of mates headed out for cod.We had a dog with us and we made the mistake of pulling the bait out and leaving it on the bait board to thaw out.Typically the labrador appetite got the better of this mutt and having our backs turned for 2 minutes resulted in an empty and licked clean bait board! :evil: We hadnt even started fishing so there was no other baitfish available.After 5 mins of cussing and wonderin what we were gona do (we had no jigs,flashers etc) I discovered a bottle of fish oil tucked up under the gunwhale.Out come the tea-towel.Cut up into bait sized portions :grin: soaked in oil and dropped.The cod were into it like it was squid.After that we got a couta so we were back in buisness….with no rag. :roll: