Re: The ITM World Cup Kahawai Fishing Competition. Papamoa


Just for Elmo and Ian of course.

Slowly heading home. Palmerston North tonite. Ferry on Sunday morning, two days at Blenheim. Then back to Westport.

Still one Chapter to come. And it hasnt been written yet.

Maybe it was the sun coming out, but I am sure the Guru, put on a couple of inches. Or did that happen when he threw his shoulders back. Never the less, I did note he suddenly had this new inspiration. And the Pillie wrapping contest got even more inspired.After all he had to beat ” The Kahawai Duck” hell the man has a whole Chapter devoted to catching Kahawai in one of his books. Surely he can do it. Is this not ” Kemsley of the Bay ” , My god he only just scrapped to get in the ” Team” . This was not a ” Red Cod” Comp, it was the real deal. Fighting the mighty Kahawai at close quarters, man v fish. Pulling in pussy Snappers just doesn’t count. Take on the mighty Kahawai and you have a foe on the end. One that will fight to the death. Its either you or him. That is the way of nature, the mightest one wins.

Okay Guru, time to get mighty, I thought, the clock is ticking. And Team Hardy needs some imput from you.

I was back at ” The Log HQ’ when yep me ole mate returned. ” Fear not Hardy” I shall smile upon the ole buggar, I have toyed with him for long enough, shall I make him smile”. Bout time I replied. I hate seeing grown men cry. And he does write a good book. Ok Hardy lets see what I can do. And he was gone.

Frig, quicker than bottled lightening over went the Guru’s Rod, damm I thought, now that was quick.(Again) Well I have seen rod runners, but I have never seen one that can fly. I swear his feet never touched the sand. And then triumphantly he yelled ” I AM ON” no need to yell Guru I murmured. It appears you have hooked up.

Oh look it is running down the beach, why, I do beleive its a bloody Kahawai, and not a bad one either. In fact it is about to cross my line. Quick quick he cried, tend your rod, I need room to play this monster. Lift lift he cried, and just as I went to lift, he cried, ” No No drop, damm was he over or under. The support team came into help, aka Neil, James was a bit occupied , yep with another bloody snapper, and a nice one it was too. So Neil did some line lifting, I will never know if it was under or over, but Neil got it sorted. So I was back into fishing re-tightened on my drag. And watched the drama unfold.

That Kahawai just didn’t like the Gurus welcoming smile, so it continued along the beach. Damm now its into Neils line. This is turning into a right panic situation. The Guru is sprinting along he beach, trying to keep up. This is surely a man v fish situation I thought. So of I went in the epic chase. Leaving my rod unattended. Gary is playing it like a true champion. Neil is winding frantically to get his line out of the ” Play/Fight Zone” and then suddenly its all on. We are in the Moi Moi line ” Kill Zone” beware the Moi Moi Man. Frig its in the wash, a bloody Kahawai, a good one. Hang on fish, Hang on Gary.
Up it comes on a beaching wave, landed, at last.
Bloody hell, you have no sinker Guru I cried. Frig grab that fish. None of us can help, dems the rules. And finally it was in the Gurus hands, now that is landed. The dreaded Moi Moi cut all Garys bottom gear off, but hurrah for Team Hardy, the vital bits were preserved, that also had a bloody nice Kahawai hanging of them.

The Guru held his head high, as he walked back up the beach. Guess I had better go get it measured he said. Looks a keeper to me. My god he grew another two inches as he thrust his shoulders back, and with head held high advanced upon the weighmaster/Measurer.

Yep the Guru caught a fish. a real fish, a Kahawai fish, well it was a Kahawai Comp, wasn’t it. Bout bloody time too, I reckoned.

Well there is not much time to final weighin. But do we have enough grams. Four fish, will that cut the mustard, and shaft these Bay Of Plenty guys. Have Team Hardy come up to muster. Time will tell.

Guess there is still more to come eh

Cheers Trev aka Hardy