Re: The ITM World Cup Kahawai Fishing Competition. Papamoa


Its so fitting that I finish this tale, as I sit here at Pikowai, ledgenary stamping ground of the WBSCC and our great and only Geno, hell one of that man is enough. There just arent enough beachs to go around. And thank god for Wireless Internet and T Sticks and Lap Tops. God I am in hallowed ground tonight me matee’s. Almost like I am trespassing. Yep Hardy snuck in here about 4.30pm.

Had Stealth Mode on in the “Hardy Mobile” activated. Just in case there were any enemy around. No, I chose a good night. Only three in the house. All tucked up under these funny coconut tree’s dodging the brisk evening breeze. The only thing missing is a bottle of GGW and Geno. He has been” Team Hardys” aka “The Hardy Gangs” greatest friend, silently slipping us vital information through covert channels. A case of GGW was a small price to pay for such highly prized intelligence. Why we are even in recepit of the last committee meeting minutes from the WBSCC, not that they helped. And I was supplied with the first name of the Papamoa Rotary Clubs President. Geno even let it slip that Warehouse Salted Bait” was doing the Job in “The Bay of Pinkies” . That man is a legend.

Right back to fishing. And once again the long slow hard yards started. I failed to repeat my opening performance, of the day before, try as I did, nothing was happening or happened. But thats fishing and besides, we were a Team. When one lonely soul, fishing a beach falters and falls to the wayside. Another will take up the challenge.

And then the snapper began hitting the beach. Why even Gary got one. James got heaps, Neil was pulling the odd one in. Hardy was keeping up a brave face, and trying his best. But alas. It was not Hardys day.

At one stage the Guru remarked Hardy, you are letting the Team down, kindly catch a snapper so the odds are with us. And we are evened out. It was around that time, the weather god decided to cut us a bit of slack. Just like that the rain stopped. The clouds parted, and the sun came out. Even the sea slackened off.

Damm I knew I was buggered then, my North Island mates will thrive in this stuff. I ain’t called Hardy for nothing you know. As the wind dropped it gave one last whisper. ” Hardy Hardy, have I not smiled upon you, ” You have two arms, two legs, two ummmm errs. And two weighers, now be content and fear not, for my greatest suprise is about to come. Need I say, more.

Bang over went Neils Rod and bang, over went James. Damm that was quick I thought Mate. Gary Guru didn’t know where quite to run. Neils Super Bloody Sonic had a bend it, a real bend. A bloody good fish bend. James more supple weapon was doing a dance all of its own. But yep it was really doing a real big bender.

Neil was closer to me, so to conserve my failing energy, I became his support person. This was our Team Spirit, everytime someone hooked up, in came the support crew. This is Team fishing. The rules were you had to play and land your own fish. So we only offered vocal encouragement. But let me tell you, the previous day, when the Team were there with me, did it give me a buzz.

We were all crying Kahawai, Kahawai, whats it feel like. Any head nodding. Don’t want that, Is it running, praying for a surface tail walk. Alas, no walk Neil had just secured a rather nice snapper. Oh buggar. Run back to James rod. Frig its still bending and really doing a number. ” Damm James you look like you have a winner on there mate. ” Ive got a shag Trev” he said, Good on ya I cried, I looked around the beach. Where is she, how old. Whats she like. My years reached back, as I recalled my younger days when I used to live in Rotorua, and visited the Mount, trying like hell to hook onto a shag. I had my ole Kilwell Special in those days.” Na mate” James, said, this one has wings. Well I knew how he felt as all my catches in those early days seemed to fly away. Before I got them landed.

Hang on Bro, I’ll go get my towel. So off back to the pack and get the bird towel. Anybody ever tried a black backed humungous sea gull or a quick shag without a towel. Tales please. Those munters can bite. I’ll tell you what tho, James played that Shag magnificently. In with the wash, out with the wash it went. It was a yo yo shag. Neil was there to help, and I went up and down in the breaking waves with my towel. First throw was a bit remiss. Well it was a total miss. Neil and I discussed shags we had met in previous years and how we had dealt with them. I said, well I just kinda sneak up and get them, real quick like. Neil said he used the slow approach, and then struck at the last moment. So we adopted Position 44 out of the Karma Sutra and finally did the deed. It was just a wee wing wrap, I wanted to cut the bit of feather off, Neil must have cats, he did an untangle. And so another shag escaped us.

Well it looks like there is going to have to be another bloody Chapter. As Gary finally, at last, after much time, many prime Pillie baits later, after many casts, after lunch and several breakfasts, a sleep in between and a shower and several Desiels later. It actually happened. Yep the Guru finally hooked up. About time to, CEO’s are not just window dressing, ya know. The one “The Hardy Gang” has,has to actually catch a bloody fish and not a bloody snapper in a Kahawai Fishing Comp. Boy was he coming close to looking for a new job, and the Hardy Gang does not do golden parachutes.

So the next and final installment, Garys Fish and the final walk to triumph. The one we had set out to take, ” The Team Event”

Cheers Hardy aka Trev