Re: The ITM World Cup Kahawai Fishing Competition. Papamoa


And so it starts, that time when you begin to do the hard yards. The rain got thicker, and the wind blew. At times we stood with our backs to the rods. Like horses in a paddock. The tide was on the make, and the small bite time we had encountered in the early hours was behind us. At some time in the morning, I had another small hit and well it was a rod quiver, and on checking. There was something on. Fiesty little bugga it was, got it in the wash, and it was zipping along the breaking wave face like there were tomorrows. It just happened to zip along to Neils line, where it Kamakazied my line. Gone, sinker, everything. Gladly it wasn’t a weigher. These days when you lose your terminal tackle, its not a cheap event. James I do believe tallied it up, not far off the $15.00 mark with all the tech stuff on. But hey thats fishing. Man, I said to Neil, what line you using there, Moi Moi, he chuckled, beats braid for cutting lines. And it was to strike again later, luckily without disasterous results.

Gary latched onto a good Kahawai and got it into the wash, where it decided, once he saw the Guru’s gleaming smile, of “At Last” to take leave of Gary. Oh damm, it was a goodie to. And then just after lunch in came the Snapper. Not sure who got the first, James or Neil. But it was on. They seemed to be all along our sector of the beach. But still the odd Kahawai was coming in. We saw the winner of the Comp being caught and landed. That guy was maybe 80 metres from us. Had a short very whippy rod. And was maybe casting about 50 metres. But he was fishing the channel/gut by luck not expertise. Looked like he had a running rig, but in the rain it was hard to see. Certainly no clip downs or techno stuff.

Man when he got that fish, he had it registered and was off the the HQ for an official weigh in post haste. The rules were if an equal weighted fish was caught, the first weighed counted. That young fella knew the rules, even if it was his second ever day fishing. His feet flew over the sand as much as mine, had previously did.

Our fishing order was James on the Mount Manganui Side, then the Guru, then me, then Neil. Neil had to be on one of the outsides, due to flying lead, you know what I mean. Yep the ole grandfather clock complete with a pendulem. But this order of fishing had a purpose. Neil and James were the Picket Line. They picked off the snapper that strayed into our fishing/Kahawai Kill zone. And what a supurb job James done. That man derserves not only a medal, but a hearty or Hardy slap on the back for his sacrifice. I chose not to do the back slap, fearing a retalitory head butt. And I do beleive that James can deliver the goods when required, not only Kahawai but the head butt. Hell man, I am to young to die eh.

Mid afternoon, Neils barge pole kinda went over, when I say barge pole I am not disparaging the Mighty Sonic SK4. It certainly gets a bend in it when Neil casts. Its just when it stands there, it seems so hard and stiff. It reminds me of what I used to have. When I was younger. Ok time for minds above belts again. I am refering to my old state of the art Kilwell Fibre Glass Wonder Rod circa 1969. Any way this fish did give it a bit of a bend. And after a time of the group gathering around Neil a nice weigher Kahawai hit the beach. So it was Neils turn to take the ” Walk of Triumph” to the Marshal/Measurer. And that sure is a nice walk. Your feet don’t hit the sand. James was doing a real good job on the picket line. Taking out a few undersized snapper and the odd kindergarten Kahawai.

Now as to the Guru, well he was not having a happy day. Exquisiste Pillies with the most elaborate floats were being cast out and retrieved untouched. Although he did have a few smashs with no connection. Everyone else was on the motorway, but alas the Guru seemed to be on an un-named bypass. But his smile and true grit endured and he kept spurring the Team onto greater heights. Thats what a Team is all about greater heights. Its the spirit that counts. Every dog has his day is the saying, not that any of us are dogs. We are lean mean fish fighting machines, just waiting to pounce.

And so the day came to an end. Neil and I off to weigh in at HQ, James and the ” Guru” off to first turn at the showers. So three fish for us for the day. Bill our host was presented with James prime condition snapper. He was over the moon. So although James did not score a Kahawai, he certainly scored us some points with our host.

Clothes were strung everywhere on Bills front patio barby area. It was drip dry time. On went the clothes dryer.

Final day tomorrow. That night a Team Meeting was held. Hardy was absolutely poked, and just kept saying, Yep Yep Yep, got that on board. Permission to sleep now Mr CEO. Granted and I was off to bed at 9pm. But hey I was keen as now. Set my alarm for 5am, I was rearing to go. I’m starting to love comps, and bring on the hard yards, I am starting to love them.

Cheers Trev aka Hardy