Re: The ITM World Cup Kahawai Fishing Competition. Papamoa


Now, where was I, well I had taken on board, “NO excuses just get out There”, right here or there I am, so I have done that right. ” Hard and Fast, was also running through my mind. But this was a fishing competition. Not a romantic interlude. And any way I have always believed that slow and steady did the trick. And have always stuck to that.

A slow curving cast quietly dropped my prime bait into the ” Kill Zone” okay I was using Salted Mackeral, Warehouse Brand, and as Neil of the Hood said, probably packed about 1990. However it was splendidly presented on a Hotshotz Flasher, kindly supported by a hand painted custom round ball float, with the aerodynamic capabilty of a Bill Hohepa Tennis Ball. Why Salted Mackeral you may ask, well. No freezer in the motorhome, and forgot to buy fresh bait. And there were some other arrangements regarding bait, which at the last moment were altered. So all I had left was my rather salty Mackeral. Now note the words “SALTY” and “ALTERED, as when this story is finally completed. There will be a wee suprise to you lot, which was a mighty one to us. But more on that later.

Well I now had my bait in the water, and it finally has come to me, the Song was ” Smoke on the Water” well I was kinda close. So its time to take up my favourite fishing position. As usual ” Slow and Steady”. So I recline in my seat, also Warehouse Brand of course. And no, I did not have a Jarvis Walker to match my bait, although they would have made a nice combination.

The rest of the Team were grouped around James Rod. ” No doubt talking about me I thought, my skungy bait, my losing bits and then finding them in the spare spool. I just sat lower in my chair and tried to make a rolly. But that was a waste of time. Ten yellow zig zags later, I had a soggy mass. Good time to give up. But I did manage a few goodtime make me feel better but not really better sucks. That stuff is gunna have to go. Have the book and the patches. Soon eh.

So I just sat in my chair, alone. Gazing out at the sea. And thinking Mmmmmmm, Nine hours of this, my first Comp, have I picked a real nice Comp for my first. Its certainly invigorating and there is no chance I will go to sleep, and I wont need a shower tonite. Gary wandered past to do something in his tackle box. Frig Gary, I cried, good looking sea, gota be something out there. My motto is, when in the depths of disparity, be positive. I think Gary muttered, “I have seen worse”. That certainly wasn’t a large ray of sunshine, but at least it did give me a small boost of confidence. Guru Kemsley didn’t only write a few books, why he still holds a few World Records for obscure catches in obscure places (which unbeknown to me at the time I was to hear about later). So I lifted my head and braved the driving rain. Gazing at my rod tip, or what I could see of it. Were my eyes deceiving me, was that ” An expression of Interest ” or just a passing swell. No, I was having a “Definite Inquiry” hell I sat up in my chair. In fact I jumped to my feet. Hardly a Rod bender, but it was now a ” Runner” and run I did. Yep he’s there, Now we all have different terms when we hook up, mine is “Gotcha ya Bastard”, Now don’t fall Off”. I notice my Team mates, say ” I am on”, I tried that once with a sheila and she said, ” Well don’t fall off”, so I just go for the ” Gotcha thing “.

Well that got the Team back to me post haste. And in a brief time a measurer hit the Beach. ” First Blood”, to Hardy. Well I did a little dance, thanked me ole mate Tangamoana (gary pulled Sues sewing tape outa of his pocket) yep she’s 38cms and walked on air over to the Weighmaster/Marshal to record the first Kahawai weighed, not only for the Team, but for our sector of the beach. His first recorded fish of the day.

Went back with a very large smile on my face. Guru Kemsley was most exhuberant, ” Go Team Hardy he cried” we are on the board” . Everybody rebaited, my bait, my prime Salty or was that Alty
Mackeral was still intact. So out it went again. And bang 10 minutes later another measurer hit the beach, 37 cms this time. Right they are out there cried the Guru. Lets do it. I trotted up the beach once again to the Marshal, damm I have weighed in the first two. For his whole sector. I am the ” Man” Cloud Nine, things are looking good. See, I was right, when on walking down the track to the beach, I said, ” Bloody good sea for Kahawai” . ( Yeh Right). Well at the end of the story, I will tell you how many Kahawai we caught for the two days. Those two were worth $250.00 each. No wonder Kahawai fillets are so expensive up here at Papamoa in the shops. And from that you can guess how many we caught I guess. But let me tell you, there was a long hard road to go. And join Team Hardy on the way as we slowly but surely do, “The hard yards”. To Glory.

To be continued.