Re: Taylors Mistake (Black rock)


Moki is the easy one. You would want to use shellfish (mussel is great) or shrimp, prawn and crayfish for bait. Fish from change of light into the night, sometimes they do not show up until after midnight. Sometimes they fail to show up entirely. Hook size, I would suggest between 2/0 and 5/0.

Butterfish are very tricky, to tricky for me to bother with targeting. You need tiny trout size hooks, around size 12 I been told. Bait, been told that pea, corn can work (might have to cut them), tiny piece of shrimp/mussel, tiny piece of sea weed or sand hopper insects. I would target them during the day around areas of Kelp, weed and rock. Could be a idea to go for a snorkel, locate where they are holding and cast into that area, although if going to that much trouble it is easier just to spear them. If you are not planning on getting wet, Butterfish like to hang out in rock crevices, especially ones with a big of current (from the swell) which washes down them. In very weedy areas could be wise to use a float to keep the bait out of the weed.

A shellfish burly can help attract Moki in, a vegetarian burley made out of the above baits could help with Butterfish but never tried it.

Moki and Butterfish are around all year, but they seem to eat less over winter so are harder to catch.