Re: Swells for this weekend!!


10 mins from the 4wd ….5 mins a few years ago when I was fit ….

Farmer is kinda anal ….I caught him on a good day many years , he thought I was kidding ….its mountain goat country …very dangerous , but if you know where to drop over ledged etc its ok ….extremely exposed , as you could imagine …its the end of the world … fact he had a German couple visit him and he took them out there ….they had used a string on a map to find the piece of land the FAREST possible from their house ….freaky aye …….
The neighbours were telling me many years ago , they didnt need to pay a TV licence , the TV people had been over there and tested for a signal and found none , what they didnt realise was the farmhouse recieved a signal directly from Wellington on another frequency lmao
Bearing in mind Ive only been there 3-4 times in the last 4 years , before that the farmer “who is an ok sorta guy for the record” used to keep track of our every movement ….we snuck some divers in and he found a few cray legs and hit the roof …found them in the middle of a huge paddock ffs …..
He lives in Takamatua …and youd swear he has cameras everywhere …

You would struggle to find a fishable spot …..its snag city +++ …….its extreme fishing …….rewarding if you know what and where and how

With a rope ladder , access to the rocks at the waterline is possible ..

Flick me an email , I’m looking for people to go out there with …hard to get good days but they will come …