Re: Surfcasting trip Two


I fished Waipapa last sunday.Was a real shitty day down there with a big dirty sea.Does look to be a good spot for a fish and I have fished there a couple of times but conditions have never been favourible.I fished in between the big rocks right on the edge of the open beach and used prawns.I have a feeling that it might not be very deep close to the rocks,although it looks deep it just didnt seem right :?
I would suggest maybe walking north away from the rocks and to where its a bit more open during daylight hours and then maybe move closer to the rocks during early evening.
I dunno I just got the feeling that the fish,namely sharks if anything may be taking a wide berth around the last few rocks when they came around the outcrop
and in closer a bit further up the beach…who knows? :roll: I guess there is only one way to find out.
It does look like promising moki country though and maybe night time is the ticket.