Re: Surfcasting trip Two


you could walk north from waipapa because the beach juts out away from the main road the further north you go but the problem would be finding a suitable place to park your wagons.
Parikawa would be an ideal place to camp up but the problem now is the state of the beach.Its f*cked and near impossible to fish with a moderate swell.Its all cut up and big boulders have been piled up and the surf is constantly rolling them all around and the waves are running right in.Its a mess at the mo so hopefully a good storm will change it again.Plus it might be a bit far up for the chch boys.
Have you thought about the conway area? Ive wanted to check that place out for a long time.Surely there would be suitable areas to camp there????
Maybe even scope out a good stretch of beach and ask a local cocky if you could camp up in a paddock next to the beach or something???
I hope to pick up a new wagon in a couple of weeks thats suitable for chuckin a sleeping bag in and campin the beaches so If anyone here checked out the conway lately,fill us in. 8)