Re: Surfcasting: Salmon at river mouths


There are many specialist salmon/surf rods avaliable these days of which I own a few. Most of them suited to overhead reels.
I have 2 “Tricast” rods 12/13ft respectively that I use with a Daiwa reels & have spent many a day at the mouths of the major east coast rivers quite happily casting all day. On a footy field I can consistantly cast a 60gm ticer 90m & a 4oz sinker 130m+ with these rods. Not record breaking but plenty enough to get beyond the breakers. You get to know when youre at the surf if youre “casting well” or a trick told to me was to tie 100m of line onto the top of your reel, if youre casting too the knot or more youre doin well.
Now by no means is long casting a prerequisite for catching fish, but on occasion if you can reach that far gut or keep your gear is in the strike zone longer then your chances can increase.
Is a great way to spend the day & quite a social event at the height of the season.
I use a 9ft rod fishing the”gut” & have a 7ft for up river.
Goodluck snatcher & Milli you should head down this way around Feb/March & give it a crack.