Re: Surfcasting: Salmon at river mouths


While this forum hasn’t been posted on for a while, I’ll make a post anyway….
I have two rods that might be suitable for salmon, one is a 13 foot, 22-115 gm cast weight, two piece, eggebeater reel, surfcasting rod, and the other is a
7 foot 55-85 gm, 2 piece, eggbeater reel.

Which would be more suitable for salmon fishing I was thinking of surfcasting for salmon at the Waitaki or maybe Rakaia river mouth with the 13 footer, and spinning for salmon with the 7ft rod slightly down from the mouth.

Also I have finally got a working jetboat what sort of opportunities would thi offer in regard to salmon fishing and would they be any better than just spinning from the bank [if not I will spin from the bank as i prefer a good stable bit of ground underneath me when playing a 10 lb+ fish]

Any suggestions/comments :?:

Edit: my rod says 13 foot but i believe that includes the 1ft of rod spike on the bottom so it’s more a 12ft