Re: surfcasting reels


Alvey certainly cast well, are durable and have massive line capacity but thats about where their desirability ends.

Penn Spinfisher v has good sealing, and probably fairly durable but its still a mid range reel. Also from memory it does not have a long cast spool.

The Penn Z series is probably the most durable reel they make, its comparable to the Daiwa GS9. They both old designs, which follow the formula which is strong, simple and proven… but they do not have the performance of the newer reels. I have own several modern Daiwa Surf Reels, while they are nice to fish with and to cast, they are not exactly durable. If you are prepared to spend close to $1000 then the Penn Torque is quite a impressive surf reel

I would probably suggest a Shimano Ultegra, it has a long cast spool, and backed by Shimanos 10 years warranty so even if it does break, these a good chance it would be repaired (at least for 10 years).