Re: surfcasting reels


I started using Alveys because whenever I caught a big sevengiller my cheap eggbeater would be destroyed. The main-shaft would bend and the spool would melt around the drag. It was also difficult to get parts. Those reels were never designed to fight big fish. You didn’t have braid in those days of course so you needed a large line capacity reel for surfcasting. Fishing rods and reels were quite expensive back in the 1980’s because you had to have an import license to bring them into the country. At that time the cheapest 12 foot surf rod and reel combo was a Silstar and cost $200.00. Fishing tackle has improved a lot and become much cheaper than it was. I remember when Gamakatsu 5/0 hooks were almost a dollar each. The one big thing going for Alveys is you would need a sledge hammer to stop them from working!