Re: Surfcasting In Timaru


Yeah I went around a lot of spots down there but didn’t end up fishing them all. Only went to pareora once but have heard it’s good for big sharks (mainly seven gillers), had some small schoolies there not sure if the bigger ones are there. Thought about trying off the rocks with balloons for sharks but most likely only seven gillers around but back then I had thoughts of blue sharks etc. Good rig and ele fishing at the surf beaches north and south of timaru and a few good spots for moki around the rocks if you’re into that. Biggest fighting fish you’re likely to get around the port is stingrays, I’ve had one off the wharf and seen some swimming around, a 200kg beast washed up dead on caroline bay a few years back. Whole squid or fish baits with a trace that has them on the bottom works best but there can be a lot of carpet sharks around at times which are pests and will take any size bait.

Fishing for big fish down these ways requires a lot of time fishing or just being in the right place at the right time.

Also all the time I fished off the wharfs in the port I never had or saw a kahawai, got one off the small wharf on caroline bay side and heard of them off the rocks out on the east side. Don’t think I’ll ever do much fishing down timaru ways again now I’m in Christchurch, already have plans of moving further north for better fishing at some stage.