Re: Surfcasting In Timaru


Went out again today. Just decided to go last minute again at around 2.30. Went out with my cousin again as he’s down from the North Island for a while, and he’s wanting to catch some sharks. Seems to be LOADS of small red cod around still. Was casting out a rig with small size 10 trout hooks trying for some herring, and ended up hooking two or three cod at once a couple times. Only ended up with the one Herring. For some reason I couldn’t keep bait on any of my rigs on long. Was thinking it might be crabs, or just the rough sea. Caught one big crab and kept it for bait. Didn’t see any sharks of any type caught at all. Weird that there doesn’t seem to be any dogfish about. Might go out again on Thursday possibly, depending on the weather.