Re: Surfcasting Dunedin


I have been salmon fishing in Otago Harbour and outside the heads on half a dozen occasions during the annual salmon fishing contest. I have also fished for big sharks off the Otago Peninsula with members of the Tautuku Game Fishing Club. But sadly I haven’t been sufcasting around Dunedin – I wish I had. However there are meant to be some good spots and good fish to catch.

Long Beach is meant to be good for surfcasting. There are also some very good, though slightly dangerous fishing spots for shore based anglers around the outer peninsula. The Puddingstones down to the Cape Saunders Light is a very productive area but mostly requires fishing from high above the sea with heavy lines (30 lb) so you can winch up your fish which leads to enevitable losses. It is possible to make a device that clips to your line and slides down it to clamp onto fish so that you can lift them up with a nylon hand line. I have seen this done at Greymouth when fishing from the concrete wall. You can catch blue cod there along with barracouta, kahawai, dogfish and other sharks. There are some places where you can get down to the water near Cape Saunders but it will take a bit of investigation. I stress I’ve fished these areas from a boat and not from shore. I have also only fished there on rare occassions.

The guy I knew in Dunedin was Frank McCarthy. He was the owner of the old A&W McCarthys in Stewart Street. He sold the shop and I haven’t seen him for years. But he would have known all the best surfcasting places.

It would be well worth asking at the local sports stores for contacts with other surfcasters.