Re: Surfcasting clips

Fishy Bishy

Quoting Mili from above[i:1k3t0vzb]….”Just did the sums, and I notice that TT quantities and prices remain unchanged… But Tacklesave has increased their quantity since my first post… If Tacklesave was better value why did they have to increase their quantity and why did you claim that TT has upped their quantities to compete when that does not appear to be the case?”[/i:1k3t0vzb]
Tacklesave didn’t have to increase their quantities, they were already ahead of your chosen supplier in value for money and quality but, to prove a point, they now offer the goods at prices and quantities that T/T would be reticent to go to due to diminishing margins.
T/T increased the quantity from 10 to 15 link clips as soon as they heard Tacklesave were out there. Phil hates competition, he just can’t cope with it.
This is just the start and there are apparently big changes ahead for Tacklesave.
Tacklesave are streets ahead of them in all aspects, just look at the happy customer above…… just the start….