Re: Surfcasting clips

Fishy Bishy

Check this out for healthy competition.

[b:5m1cjj78]Pulley Rig with Ejector (Imp) Clip, two traces and Float Beads just $9.90 [/b:5m1cjj78](cf T/T basic Pulley rig, no spare trace no beads for $9.95 but you can add two spare traces for another $6.50….. ? )
[b:5m1cjj78]Ejector (Imp) Clips: 10pc $7.90 [/b:5m1cjj78](cf T/T $15.30 for 10)
[b:5m1cjj78]Quik Clips: 20pc HD $6.00 [/b:5m1cjj78](cf T/T $5.60 light gauge for 15)
[b:5m1cjj78]Clipdown clips: 20pc HD for $6.00 [/b:5m1cjj78](cf T/T $5.95 light gauge for 10)
[b:5m1cjj78]Impact Shields: 10pc for $7.90 [/b:5m1cjj78](cf T/T 12.45 for 10)
And for the record, Impact Shields are not protected by any Patent in New Zealand so T/T’s scare tactics mean nothing.
Don’t fall for that rubbish…. :wink:
Again this product is sourced from the manufacturer so are a brilliant price too!

[b:5m1cjj78]Tacklesave is not afraid of competition.[/b:5m1cjj78]