Re: Surfcasting clips

Fishy Bishy

Hi Mili,
Lower priced for stronger clips works for me.
If you don’t want to save some money for higher grade product go right ahead and stick with your usual supplier.
Quik Clips in 50pc for $15, Clipdowns for hook/sinker clips 50pc for $15, Ejector clips (IMP clips), 20pc for $15,
(compared to your supplier, $15.30 for 10 Imp clips)
Genuine branding stands for nothing when the products are all sourced from the same manufacturers.
These then are “genuine” Tacklesave branded.
The TT supplied quik clips are 24% dearer than Tacklesave’s.
Quik Clips 15 for $5.60 is 37c each.
Tacklesave (on TradeMe) $15 for 50 is 30c each
Do your sums, plus TT have just upped their quantity to compete.
(Thats the bit in red writing that follows their usual price)
No worries, two can play at that game.
Maybe they have been charging too much for too little for too long?

Please yourself who you buy from Mili, Tacklesave’s reorder frequency speaks for itself.
Why are Tacklesave lower priced? Because they buy direct from manufacturers, not UK wholesalers.
Same manufacturers that supply the UK wholesalers….. so who is the winner here?
You are for buying more astutely cutting out the middle man’s margin.