Re: Spearing flounders


Dad tried a dragnet over at Le Bons bay a couple of weekends ago. got about 7 after a couple of sweeps of the beach.
I know alot of guys used to row out in dinghys over the mudflats in Akaroa harbour. Hang a submersible light over the side and spear them as they spotted them..
Saves getting your boots stuck in the mud and stirring up the water too much.

We used to spear them in one of the local creeks in the harbour too.. We’d just make a spear out of a length of metal rod. No barbs or anything.. Whack a wooden handle on one end and away we went..
best advice is to wait for the calmest night you can. no wind to ripple up the water.. makes it so much easier to spot the little camoflage buggers…

I’ve always thought about using a bow and arrow from the dinghy, have a bit of line attached to the arrow and try shooting them while standing. Dont know if it would work but it sounded like fun :lol:

I’d say the linkwater end of queen charlotte could be a goer. Maybe around some of the little creeks etc that run into the sounds.