Re: Spam Hijackers


I offered and I’ve been moderator on other forums in the past but nothing has happened. I guess over the winter months when people seem to forget about fishing less people are going to be posting and the forum is going to get filled with spam. Stopping it is a basic thing and the solutions have been posted several times but still nothing has been done.

I don’t know if this forum software is updated but in phpBB 3.0.6 and newer CAPTCHA/Anti Spam plugins are standard and just need to be activated in the admin panel which would solve pretty much all of the spam on the site. Older phpBB versions also have CAPTCHA but I don’t think its as good as the newer versions but should still work if enabled.

Update is avalible here ( and all yellowfin has to do after updating is enable one of the CAPTCHA plugins and that should stop basicly all of the spam problems apart from human spammers which are less common and could be sorted out manually.

It’s so simple to fix I don’t know why something hasn’t been done already.

Also what are peoples thoughts about a new forum layout? Like instead of the Surfcasting section covering (terminal tackle, rods and reels, methods, casting, where and how to catch fish surfcasting ) there could be a seperate sub forum for different topics just to make things more organised. Also maybe instead of everyone using the “Latest Catches” thread they could make new ones depending on how big the post would be.