Re: Spam Forum Disappointment

Fishy Bishy

It is simple and I wish my site had it this way.
Mandatory fields identifying all the member’s details including their name location, email address, etc etc etc. If these fields are all mandatory as they are on for example this eliminates near 100% of all attacks.
These spammers want to peddle their cause without being exposed.
Give the buggers a way in and they all follow for some wierd reason.
It’s like they all communicate with each other, unless they are all the same one identitiy maybe??
re Miliwolf’s comment/observation on another forum I am involved with up here, we haven’t had any spam of the nature of wht we all experienced here in recent weeks, ever. We have run the forum off our site for nearly 4 years now.
We have had a few clowns trying to advertise their wares in their posts but they are simply squashed in no time.
We also suggest they pay for the advertising privilege but we never hear back.
By handing the admin access to one or two other members who are about the board more regularly a greater monitoring of the board is the end result and spammers are eliminated from all angles.
That was suggested eariler, by the way.
The trick is to appoint the extra forum police but don’t announce who they are.