Re: South Canterbury Clubs?

Fishy Bishy

Yes, have to agree about the old place but you too are in a crap area for uncertainty and damage repairs etc, Avonside? :roll:
Jeez, who’d buy a house in Avonside?? :P
Thank goodness for the need to be up north to sort out the slack retailer response to our brand.
In some respects, the same applies where we are heading but we’ll be doing some new stuff down there and focus greater in other areas such as freshwater products etc.
The new immigrant wholesalers smearing tackle shops is highly evident up here and the further north the worse it gets.
The whole industry is falling into the traps of cheap reproduced products at $2 shop prices and retailers up here anyway, are buying for bugger all from bulk sellers and putting enormous margins on so the end user doesn’t get the benefit at all.
All they see is a new brand, usually not written in English!
The only winners are the bulk wholesalers and the greedy retailers who don’t give a fat rats **** for NZ companies.

Not sure where all this is heading or where it will end but at least we do what they aren’t and that is make New Zealand designed and manufactured products, made by NZ’ers for NZ’ers and in most cases at the same or less retail price point.

Be good to touch base down the track when we get sorted, so let me know when and if you are down 45 degrees south sometime and we’ll make you and any members welcome for that matter.
I can feel a fishing event coming along…….