Re: South Canterbury Clubs?

Fishy Bishy

(Chuckle) we’re Cantabs born and bred too remember! :P
Not really mate, just that we like to be independent and comfortably in our own zone.
Our chosen destination is far enough away to be separated yet close enough to just jump in the car and be there in short duration, should the need arise.
Whenever we have relocated, it has been to a specific area for a specific reason.
The greatest reason in this pending shift is to fish again.
The fishing’s usually crap up here and when the fishing is good the weather blows its tits off preventing an outing.
At least down south, I know the rivers and lakes down there and the sea is always there as a pleasant alternative.
Besides, when you feel you need a break yourself, it will give you another option as to who to look up for a fishing excursion!