Re: south brighton


Elephant fish and Rig will can be caught there …I know a few people do target Rig in that area …..sea lettuce and tidal rip will obviously be a problem ….

As an aside , I recall as a kid hearing my grand father speaking of seeing 4 foot long herrings being caught off the rock wall at Redcliffs when he was younger …that would be almost 100yrs ago …
I have have caught full grown KY as far up as the Avondale Rd bridge , and no doubt they go futher upstream than that .. so it would be logical that these large herrings were in fact King Fish ….
Heard stories of Kingies up towards the Kaiapoi in the Mac , so Redcliffs back in the day wouldnt be that unheard of .

Edited to add , I vaugely recall a forum member speaking of Rig etc off the same wall ….30mins either side of high tide rings a bell