Re: Soft Plastics for Sea-run Trout


Thanks for the advice Shark Slayer. I agree with you that the Dragons have far more action than the Berkley shads. The paddle tail on the Dragons (the two lures at the top in the above picture) vibrate causing the lure to wriggle like a real fish. It is amazing just how life-like they are even at quite slow speeds. Interesting you don’t use a mono or fluorocarbon leader. I don’t think I would be happy doing that. But if it works; fair enough.
I think you are right about the Berkley jig-heads too. The light-weight Berkley jig-heads seem to have hooks that are too light for kahawai and big sea-run browns. But the Berkleys are sold everywhere. Worm hooks and a small sinker would give more options but shops don’t seem to stock them.