Re: Soft Plastics for Sea-run Trout

shark slayer

a leader is unnecessary..I always [list=][/list]run braid strait to my gear for salmon kahawai and searuns and I catch alot..everyone seems to think you need a leader or the fish won’t hit your lure or you will bust much Malcolm bell video watching I think :lol: ..just remember braid has no stretch so when the fish hits or you feel weight a lift of the rod tip is all you need to set the over the top excessive striking like you see alot of salmon fisherman doing is required..imo dragon softbaits are the leaders of the softbait market at the moment..way better action than Berkley s..I also find c point jigheads to be far better than the Berkley jigheads which seem to bend easy and are easy to lose fish on,the exception is the saltwater Berkleys which are much better but are available in omen weight only..the dragon v lures are great and can be fished as Allan said just like a feathered or any other lure..swinging the new dragons in the current is effective but just remember the less action your softbait has the more you need to add yourself..I always add action to gulps but it’s a subtle thing..I don’t rate trigger x softbaits they have no action at all and have found dragons to outfish them ten to one.