Re: Small boat (dinghy etc.) fishing in canterbury


No worries, the boat’s been more fun than I would have imagined!

Look at getting an inflatable with either an inflatable or solid keel and a motor (8hp+)
that will make it plane with 2-3 people as this is what i’m planning to upgrade to next.

Tested one the other day with a 15hp and it was on the plane within a second!

I actually launched in peraki station.

The roads are all publc right down to about 400m from the beach, then just pop into the house on the right over the thin walking bridge
and ask the farmers who are really nice and have never had a problem the last dozen times. Good rock fishing here too but a bit of a trek
around the right hand side (30min), but it always produces blue cod.

I just drive down to the beach (farm track that can get muddy but 2wd car is usually fine) after asking the farmers, pump up the boat and then
head out to the heads and around the points. The bay is nicely sheltered with firm sand and i’ve seen them launching trailer boats there also, but
that’d be a tiring drive with a trailer on shingle from Chch if you’re thinking about it.

Hope this map works. … 28374&z=12

Another option of heading up to the summit is Kinloch rd as it’s sealed compared to Okuti valley rd/ Reynolds valley rd and about the same distance in the end. … 7&t=h&z=13

And a third option is pop over from Wainui. Slower if you’re coming from Chch, but very close if your in the bays.