Re: Small boat (dinghy etc.) fishing in canterbury


Good stuff Stringman! Gonna have to give that place another shot! I was okiwi bay by Nelson a few years ago and had a similar experience with the oyster guys there!
All i caught over the weekend was a cold from skiing Mt Donson, but blue skies atleast…
Never too late to start James. I stared with my dad off the akaroa wharf a good 15 years ago and haven’t stopped since.
Yes looking out to the sea on the right side. I’ve got my hd back so will dump some pics in the Peraki post.
Squid’s always good as you know it’s still on the hook but try get the stuff packed with the guts still (like in kaikoura servos). Otherwise pipi’s
and tuatuas (i think) (the big white shelled ones from taylors or south shore shallows), and salted bonito with elastic wrapped around it.
Take a ton of hooks and sinkers if you haven’t by now how many those dam rocks or fish can swipe!