Re: Setting your drag


Using the method above by FISHFORPOT, you can land almost anything, it is the best way to fish with light line.

I would be very interested to know rdeejay what reel you are using to get 7kg of smooth drag out of. Many surf reels are not capible of this. Most species, lemons included, you wouldn’t need to go any harder then 3kg of drag.

The correct way to set you drag if using a bucket of water is to lift carefully, creating a bend, walking backwards the bucket weighs a lot more though friction between the surfaces. you should only pre set your drag with a fixed setting if using a bait runner. Even then, you are better to get a feel for the fish and adjust it on how comfitable you feel at the time.

If your drag is to high, it widens the gape in the likes of lip hooked kahawai ect, giving them much more of a chance to get off in the waves or when they get arrial. Fish like snapper often require a heavy enough drag to hold a slight bend in the rod, but light enough to have a play with the bait, in particular the big boys. Same with Moki and lemons, big bends, big strikes, big runs, more often than not they are picking it up and running with it, when tention is felt they drop it, so you are better off at times to button right off and let them have it.

When you set a bend in your rod, you should be able to turn the handle on the reel without retrieveing line, the spool should spin, and the sinker should stay put. This is a good guide for people comming to grips with how much pressure to use…… when fighting the fish, reel slowly not a million miles an hour with the spool flying round and round, be gentle and you will land most fish. unless fishing near reef, it’s fine to let them tucker themselfs out, there not going to go anywhere.