Re: Selling fish

shark slayer

the way I understand it burkefish is you are allowed 4 salmon if they are under 55cm or the regular bag limit of two if you keep fish over 55cm..there thinking is when. there hasn’t been a release for a while the fishing is generally slow and the salmon are generally small(under 55cm)so in such conditions allowing people to take four makes it worthwhile and allows people to take a decent feed home..however when there has been a release and the fish are bigger (over 55) they have kept the limit at 2 with the veiwpoint thats a good days harvest..I think it’s a good well thought out change of regulations good on fish and game..there is an artical on it in the latest f&g mag.I don’t go to the canals much;mainly just when there are no other good options but it’s a good food resource and softbaiting is a favorite of the hookup..hopefully these new regs will help take some pressure iff the wild fishery to as more people look to the canals as an easier option. to put salmon on the table.