Re: Selling fish


I cant work , i cant sell fish, cant sell drugs , cant wipe my own arse with out some stupid no-all prick having somthing to say…
Jeez its like i raped a freshwater hatchery and ate 100000 salmon smolt or fucked a seal or somthing…
Jeez at the end of the day mr mark currie the sports fishing resource is there for all… Well im all and i dont see any sports fish in the canals except trout.
Fish and game raised them released them … What do they do about people treating salmon like sharkslayers rivermouth “dickheads” and kicking their salmon back in? Lol give me a break if you saw how people treat their fish etc etc …
But anyways lesson learnt 1. Dont text message ur mates or family members when selling fish
2. JP From kaikoura is a fuckin nark.
3. Cripples with more injuries than should be humanly possible arent allowed to support their one love of fishing by using a completely over abused fishery that will never ever ever die as long as the salmon farms are dumping them… Cant do that either.
4. Ive been on 250buks a week and have lived pretty hard since i got steel barred in the head by a french soldier in 2005 died twice put in a coma for two weeks had to learn how to talk and walk again struggled with life since then and havent really been able to form solid relationships with people coz im honestly fucked in the head.
Ive lived on the streets ive live in the bush ive lost my family members ive lost friends and wives and kids.
5. If you really think im at all worried or bothered by A. The media attention B. Fish and game c. You guys crying and whinin like ur dying of somthing. You are all so wrong and as the old saying goes …. No Donnie before you judge him.