Re: Sea Run Trout


Hey guys, wanted to put a few questions to you about getting onto sea runners. I’ve been fishing around Dunedin, and giving the Waikouaiti mouth a good lashing, along with a few other spots, like the Catlins River and Toko mouth. I also recently got out to Haast River on the west coast as well. I’ve had good luck on the Catlins, and Haast, but can’t seem to catch anything on the Waikouati, and to a lesser degree on the Toko.

I’ve gotten some follows, but those fish seem so fussy! Nothing like the Haast fish, which just seem to smash everything you put in front of them.

Here’s the main question. Why is the Waikouati such hard work in comparison to the other places?

Is it just that the Waikouati is seeing more anglers, and so fish are wiser?

Or is it density? Are there more fishes in those other places, so they’re hungry and agressive and ready to bite?

I’ve used everything, Rapalas, softbaits, streamer flies, tobies, basically everything I’ve got in the box. The reason I’d like to fish Waikouati is because it’s close. At this point I’m feeling like the best thing I can do is drive to spots I know are hot and fish them, not just places that look good, but don’t fish well.