Re: scariest fishing moment


Probably the scariest moment I’ve ever had fishing was being out eeling with a mate of mine when we were both still at school.
We went down the the North side of the Temuka River and went gaffing eels, just after dark.
We saw a pool full of eels and hopped in, these were only little ones, or so we thought.
We caught quite a few (for surf casting bait) and then all of a sudden, I felt something grab my right gumboot.
It tore the back out of the boot and latched itself onto my right calf muscle, for a 15 y/o boy this is not a done thing! :eek:

I was fair panicking by this stage and got my mate to cut it’s head off and remove the head from my leg.
My mate had thrown the eel up on the river-bed during all this, we looked at it with a torch, it would have been easily 2 metres long.

I still have a few marks from that eel, although it was 20 or so years back.
I haven’t been eeling since though. 8)