Re: Saltwater Surfcasting Bling


Muddy you really need a Fly Tying vice and a bobbin. The bobbin is the thing that holds the reel of thread. You can even use a small vice to hold the hook while you are
working on it. But with a Fly Tying vice you can do so much more. Use Nail polish to lock/glue your thread when you tie. And get your thread from Spotlight. Cheap as.

Fly tying bits and pieces and stuff in sports shops is expensive. But the Vices and bobbins are actually quite cheap. Made in India will do you. Mylar thread and the other flashy stuff can be found on the internet. Check out Hot Shotz. Fishy Bishy has a good range. Get the gear and before you know it, we will be seeing your creations. Its easy peasy once you get the hang of it. I dont try and create masterpieces, like the true Saltwater Fly Tying brigade. Flashy and gawdy does me. And they work. Thats the best part.

Cheers Trev aka Hardy