Re: Salt water flyfishing


Crikey mili, I’m beginning to wonder if you have a serious case of fishing tackle acquisition syndrome :wink:

The price of sages has climbed heaps the 4 pce launches are now $490 I got mine for $290 last year so thats a huge increase

I have a 4 pce 7 weight Launch, a kilwell graphite packaway 4 pce which has recently had the butt section recently replaced with a custom made presentation butt in a 6 weight, a 9 weight customline and a 5 weight split cane (3pce with spare tip) owned by my grandfather which rarely sees action, its a sweet little rod with matching reel by millward, great for very small streams.

Would love a Lamson but can’t justify the expense for what, as you say, is essentially a line holder. My genesis works fine and hasn’t missed a beat and the SLV (with spare spool) has handled everything I’ve thrown at it.

Have to go to a wedding in Aus next year so might save a few pennies for some goodies :grin: