Re: Salt water flyfishing


My main saltwater fly reel is a Lamson Velocity 3.5 hybrid , awesome reel but complete overkill for KY. When I purchased it I went one size bigger just in case I target kingfish one day… But seeing that I have never chased Kingies on normal gear I doubt I would ever get around to targeting them with the fly.

My newest reel is a Tica Veteran S208/9 , they sell for around $85 and seem well made. The main reason for a fly reel is to hold the line so little need to spend big money.

Also got a Kilwell Innovation which I use on my 6wt for trout..

Lastly I own a Orvis CFOV with 6 spare spools but it does not see any use. If I ever do lake fishing with my eight weight I might use this reel. I do not think it is fair to use a vintage reel in the salt.